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Album Release Date:
 April 10, 2007

what the critics are saying

“GrooveLily and A Midsummer Night's Dream are a perfect fit… full of magic, but also mischief and irreverence.”
–Tina Landau, Director

“Their music, sensual, glib, romantic and raucous, delights throughout with its varied and eclectic musical vocabulary traversing rock, blues, Broadway, folk and jazz, even a passing nod to Kurt Weill, but mostly defined by its originality and independence.”

A Little Midsummer Night's Music

Fresh on the heels of rave reviews for the off-Broadway production of their holiday musical Striking 12, the smart-pop trio GrooveLily unveils their newest cast recording: A LITTLE MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S MUSIC, drawn from the novel production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream in which they co-starred in the spring of 2006. It features three all-new GrooveLily songs – “Slings of Eros,” “While You Were Sleeping” and “When I Dream” – as well as a series of original suites that GrooveLily has carefully developed and shaped for this new recording. Written with equal participation and improvisation from each band member, the end result is an exciting and unique cast recording that GrooveLily’s Brendan Milburn has called “some of the most lyrical, lovely, groovy, rhythmically complex and unfettered music we've ever made.” All music by GrooveLily (Valerie Vigoda, Brendan Milburn & Gene Lewin); lyrics by GrooveLily & William Shakespeare.

track listing
  1. When I Dream
  2. Overture
  3. Titania Suite
  4. Fairy Suite
  5. Malevolent Oberon Suite
  6. While You Were Sleeping
  7. Lysander Wakes: And Run Through Fire
  8. Demetrius Wakes: Oh, Helen
  9. Benevolent Oberon Suite
  10. Slings of Eros / Bergomask Dance / Bows
  11. All Shall Be Well

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