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The Golden Apple

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This album is a two-CD set.

Release Date:
 June 2, 2015

what the critics are saying

“A game changing recording.”

“It bursts with energy like it never did before. How often are we treated to a cast recording that is layered with such complexity and fullness of sound from the orchestra while a legion of voices come together to create sparkling and heavenly harmonies? A breathtaking bijou among the most celebrated gems of cast recordings.”

“A must for anyone who cares about the musical theatre.”
–The Stamford Times

“A recording I've been waiting for all my life. We can now hear it in its full, adventurous, and rather fantastic form.”
The Bay Area Reporter

“The album has the vibrancy of a live performance with studio-quality sound. The score offers delights for all kinds of show music fans. Most of us never expected to hear a full recording of this score with a cast and orchestra of this size and quality, and to have it delivered with such finesse is nothing short of a miracle.”

“It sports some of the best engineering I've heard from an opera - and wonder of wonders, it was recorded live. The greatest American opera ever written. Well done!”
–Fanfare Magazine

The Golden Apple
First Full Length Recording

When it premiered in 1954, composer Jerome Moross and librettist John Latouche's THE GOLDEN APPLE was hailed as "the most original musical since Oklahoma!" (The Washington Post), "the best thing that has happened in and to the theatre in a very long time" (New York Daily News), and "a magnificent achievement. A sensational success. The most imaginative work of its kind" (New York Daily Mirror). Its blend of American folklore and Greek myth, popular entertainment and high art, and musical comedy and operatic drama "stood Manhattan on its ear," winning the New York Drama Critics' Circle prize for Best Musical (the first Off-Broadway show to do so) and spawning the standard "Lazy Afternoon." Yet, sadly, this 135-minute through-sung musical was preserved only in a 48-minute LP, and after a short-lived transfer to Broadway, THE GOLDEN APPLE all but slipped into obscurity. In November of 2014, the Lyric Stage of Irving, Texas, mounted a fully-staged revival of THE GOLDEN APPLE, featuring an orchestra of 38 and a 43-member cast, and PS Classics was there to preserve the score in its entirety. Featuring nearly 90 minutes of previously unrecorded music and the complete libretto, PS Classics' deluxe two-disc cast recording of THE GOLDEN APPLE gives new life to a musical milestone of the American theatre.

sound clips

track listing

Disc One:

  1. Overture
  2. Nothing Ever Happens in Angel's Roost
  3. Angel's Roost Has Its Situation
  4. Mother Hare's Seance
  5. My Love Is on the Way
  6. The Heroes Come Home
  7. It Was a Glad Adventure
  8. Come Along Boys
  9. It's the Going Home Together
  10. Mother Hare's Prophecy
  11. Good Is a Word That Fools Believe
  12. It's the Going Home Together (Continuation)
  13. Helen Is Always Willing
  14. The Arrival of Paris
  15. Let's Pay a Visit
  16. The Picnic Table
  17. Mother Hare's Return
  18. An Impartial Judge
  19. The Judgment of Paris
  20. If You Select My Angel Food
  21. I'll Teach You
  22. The Loveliest Things in Life
  23. It's a Fraud
  24. Paris Visits Helen
  25. Lazy Afternoon
  26. The Departure for Rhododendron

Disc Two:

  1. My Picture in the Papers
  2. Plumes on Her Hat
  3. Form a Committee
  4. The Prize Fight
  5. Let's Go Home
  6. Hector's Song
  7. A Good Girl
  8. Windflowers
  9. Store-Bought Suit
  10. Hurry! Hurry!
  11. Calypso
  12. Paradise Alley
  13. Scylla and Charybdis
  14. A Carefree Diversion
  15. Goona-Goona
  16. One Hell of a Bender
  17. Doomed, Doomed, Doomed
  18. Enough is Enough!
  19. Circe
  20. Ulysses' Soliloquy
  21. Busy Little Sewing Bee
  22. Penelope's Tirade
  23. We've Just Begun

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