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All the Girls

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Digital Release Date: December 25, 2020

Physical Release Date: March 5, 2021

from the liner notes

There is a rare and glorious thing that happens when Rebecca and Sally sing together in harmony: their voices become indistinguishable from one another, blending seamlessly and skillfully as they dip and rise, cross over and under one another, and unite for brief moments only to diverge unexpectedly in ever-evolving counterpoint. Yet it is no surprise that their voices blend as effortlessly as they do, for these two women have a unique, deep friendship and singular collaboration both on stage and off.

All the Girls was a natural outgrowth of that special friendship. Along the way, Rebecca and Sally clarified that the show they wanted to do was simply about celebrating women “in all of our messy wonderfulness.” The songs would explore how women are complicated, multi-faceted creatures who are free to make their own choices, defend their beliefs, have kids – or not have kids – and fight to remain true to themselves, just as Sally and Rebecca have always done.

Developing this project spanned a couple of tumultuous years, but the joy and inspiration these incredible women spun left an indelible mark on those who had the privilege of watching Sally and Rebecca share the stage. It is thrilling that the show they dreamed up at a lake house in the Poconos is now preserved on this recording, allowing the future generations they care so deeply about to witness their talent, experience their inimitable bond, and continue to be inspired by these two extraordinary best friends.

— Annette Jolles

All the Girls
Rebecca Luker and Sally Wilfert

Building on a deep friendship forged on and off the stage, Broadway’s Rebecca Luker and Sally Wilfert have recorded an intensely personal celebration of womanhood in all its complexities and varied expressions. Adapted from the show of the same name, All the Girls is framed by songs from such theater luminaries as Stephen Sondheim, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Fred Ebb and John Kander, highlighted by a delicious and delirious medley of tunes from shows featuring iconic female duets. But Luker and Wilfert enrich the tone and expand the scope by also embracing art songs, cabaret material and even settings of poems written expressly for them by the show’s music director, Joseph Thalken (who expanded the orchestrations from four to ten pieces specially for this recording). In doing so, they manage to celebrate women “in all of our messy wonderfulness,” as they put it, with an empathy and optimism that radiate through the material. Individually, Luker and Wilfert’s dazzling voices and keen dramatic senses animate the tenderness, humor and resilience in these songs, while together their personal bond produces duets of extraordinary sensitivity and beauty. PS Classics is proud to present this inspiring and deeply moving ode to female friendship by two remarkable women.

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track listing


  1. You Are My Best Friend - Rebecca & Sally

2. Lovely Lies - Rebecca

3. What Did You Do to Your Face - Sally

4. Everybody Says Don’t - Rebecca & Sally

5. There Are Delicacies - Rebecca

6. I Have Loved Hours at Sea - Sally

7. Marilyn Miller - Rebecca & Sally

8. “Shows we could have starred in together” - Rebecca & Sally

The Wrong Note Rag
Marry the Man Today
Every Day a Little Death
Bosom Buddies
If Momma Was Married
The Flower Duet
At the Ballet
For Good

9. A Qui Bon Dire - Rebecca

10. War Song - Sally

11. Isn’t This Better - Rebecca & Sally

12. Millwork/I Could Have Been a Sailor - Sally

13. Not Funny - Rebecca

14. Be Careful / Dear Theodosia - Rebecca & Sally


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